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Glass windows with broken glass need to be handled by glass repairs or get them replaced as fast as you can to ensure security for your house and professional place. The decision to repair or replace is dependent on the extent of the damaged window and its condition.

In the event that your windows are solid, they might need to be replaced.

Do You Need To Replace The Broken Glass or The Entire Window?

When you schedule your free at-home appointment, our glass specialists will examine the damage and determine if repairs are possible or the need for a replacement.

In the course of installation, we’ll seal and replace the window and ensure that the window is installed.

In the event the glass can’t be repaired immediately, we’ll place the glass in place and plan the return visit as soon as possible to complete the work.

We’ll wash the area and remove any debris that remains from the construction.

The same procedure is followed when double-pane windows have damaged seals. The window might not show cracks, but when the seal is damaged, it will affect the insulation value. Furthermore, who would want a window that has condensate that is milky and clogging the glass? We’ll take care of that, too.

What Type Of Damage To Windows Can Be Fixed?

Many homeowners are shocked to find that most window issues can be fixed. Glass repairs and replacement are typically only needed in the case of extreme window damage, like the damage that occurs in the aftermath of extreme weather conditions.

Here are some typical window issues that can be solved by the experts of our group.

  • Foggy windows

  • Broken or chipped glass

  • Glass with cracks

  • Window panels that are warped

If the issue is only with the glass panes, you can usually fix the windows by changing the glass. Glass replacement is generally faster than waiting around for the business to fix your windows.

If you’re faced with broken windows that have been damaged by baseball debris or even a burglar, The first thing you’ll like to do is to wait for the whole window to be replaced. If speed is essential to you, then replacing the glass is likely to be the most efficient option.

Why Should You Select Seven Hills Glass To Fix your glass?

Seven Hills Glass is a family-owned business that has been operating within Seven Hills for over 30 years.

Our glaziers are all qualified tradesmen with years of experience in the construction as well as supply of glass as well as mirrors. You can be sure that the person you contact is a skilled tradesman who will be able to assist you with the requirements for glass.

Seven Hills Glass Seven Hills Glass we strive to provide a reasonable price with superior customer service. We stand behind our work to provide the highest quality in customer care. We adhere to Australian Safety standards AS 1288 and AS 2208.

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