Mirror Resilvering and Silvering

Mirror Resilvering and Silvering
Mirror Resilvering and Silvering
Mirror Resilvering Service was our first company from which Seven Hills Glass developed over 30 years ago to provide the installation and processing ability that is required by our customers.

However, Mirror Resilvering Service is still going strong and has been resilvering mirrors and silvering glass since 1978 and is the only company in NSW performing this process.

Mirror Resilvering

When old Mirrors become streaky and black spots start to appear, they require resilvering. This process is ideal for antique mirrors and family heirlooms and gives your dark and damaged mirror a new reflection while maintaining the authenticity of the mirror.

Resilvering mirrors is not a DIY job. Many people try to touch-up their mirrors with silver paint, with poor results. For a mirror to be resilvered properly, the original mirror backing needs to be completely removed and a whole new chemical application of silver applied.

The chemical deposition of silver onto glass is a complex process, which can only be commercially performed within a specifically designed factory environment. The process is labor intensive as the complete process is performed by hand in our factory.


Silvering is a complex process of turning glass into mirror. On a commercial basis silvering is used for manufacturing toughened glass mirrors and for silvering bent pieces of glass to make them into a mirror.

Silvering is also used to apply a mirror coating onto one off complex “art” glass pieces.

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