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Are your windows damaged, constantly foggy, or are there other issues that need to be fixed? Because your windows are a major factor in controlling the temperature of your house, it’s vital to maintain them in good shape by replacing or repairing windows made of glass as required.

However, how do you determine if your windows only require some minor repairs or if they require replacement completely? Here are a few elementary things to consider prior to making the critical repair or replacement choice for your glass door for commercial use or home’s glass window or any other window that is important

So, when should or should you repair or replace windows?

If your windows are hazy or cold, leaking cracks or broken, or are otherwise not performing the job they were intended to do, You may be thinking about whether you should fix or change your windows.

New windows can cost anywhere from $300-$2,100, or even more. A complete house with windows that are new could end up costing a few thousand dollars.

Repair is the most probable option, but repair isn’t always possible for the majority of modern windows. Single-pane windows from the past were easy to repair. However, triple-pane or double-pane closed windows can be more challenging to fix. In these instances, window glass repair Seven Hills may be an option, or a total replacement might be required.


  • Cracked or broken glass (replace sash)
  • Broken muntins and mullions on single-pane windows
  • Window sashes that are stuck or slow-moving
  • Damaged or missing from the drip cap
  • Window casings with poor exterior quality
  • Small water leaks


  • Condensation on windows that is hazy and obstructs the view
  • Poor interior faux muntins/mullions
  • Structural issues
  • Water leakage major

Is it cheaper to replace or repair windows?

Many homeowners are shocked by the fact that window repairs can be approximately 75% cheaper than replacement of windows. This is why it’s usually best to get your windows repaired as often as possible instead of tackling the expense of complete replacement of your windows.

The price of your specific window glass repair hills area will depend on many variables, such as the severity of damage and how big the windows and the kind of replacement glass that you require. This is why we provide free estimates for our customers.

It’s important to note that the same fundamental principle is applicable to glass doors, too.

The reason you should pick Seven Hills Glass to Fix your glass?

We provide glass cut-to-size service while you relax in our inviting showroom.
Naturally, we have an experienced and knowledgeable outside glazing technician who can install glass and mirrors to meet your residential and also commercial requirements.

We’ve been fortunate to have the opportunity to collaborate with some of the top kitchen and joinery companies and also large corporate fit-out builders over our more than thirty years of expertise. Our tradesmen are licensed with white identification cards (general construction cards that have the induction) and are certified to trade in glass and glazing.

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